Administrate your M2M SIMs on our cloud based platform “SIMSpot” –  the only right choice for M2M professionals.

Please contact our sales team on +49 (0) 4022859460 to learn more about our platform

We integrate 500+ networks in 200+ countries

With a large number of networks in each country we ensure 100% redundancy with the best available connectivity.


Dynamic IP or a cloud based VPN with static IP (IP/SEC)?

We can offer both dynamic and static IP, you decide which solution is the most appropriate for your company.

Global Roaming with cross
border functionality.

With Simboost SIMs you have world-wide coverage without any interference.


Use SIMSpot – your cloud based data control center

You can group and organize large numbers of SIMs without loosing the overview.

Flexible solutions

Are you facing ever-increasing demands to minimize your cost per card. We can help you, get a customized package which fulfill the exact needs of your company.



No hidden- costs & risks

Calculate the telecommunication costs, all around the world, without any unpleasant surprises of hidden bills, we make sure that you get a balanced budget.


Prepaid or Postpaid

Whatever plan you’re on, you can choose to pay upfront (we call this ‘Prepaid’) or receive a bill after your monthly use (we call this ‘Postpaid’). The same great rates apply no matter which option you choose. Contact one of our sales representative and apply for a credit line.

Advanced SIM Management

Group and organize large number of SIMs with SIMSpot. Create an outstanding overview through our intuitive and real time reporting features. Benefit from our software where you easily can manage up to 50.000 SIM cards. A click of a button and you know the current status of your M2M projects.

Well documented API

In case you have a customized solution which you would like to implement, then please contact our well skilled team who will make sure that the implementation will be performed in an efficient and professional way.

SIMs with special requirements

We can deliver SIMs which fulfill special requirements, for example our sturdy SIM with industrial grade which can withstand temperatures between -40 to +105C.